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Monoglyceride Gms90 for EPE PRODUCTS

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1) Foaming additives monoglyceride - shrinkage

Pearl cotton in the production process without adding monoglyceride production out of the finished product will shrink to become soft, so in the production process must add anti shrink additives monoglyceride.

Distilled monoglyceride is a kind of high quality addition agent, which is stable, can help foaming, anti shrinkage, lubrication, antistatic, modification and anti fog effect, it is widely used in daily chemical industry, plastics, packaging and cosmetic industry.

Distilled monoglyceride is an ideal auxiliary foaming agent and anti shrinking agent. In order to meet the needs of environmental protection, freon blowing agents will gradually be eliminated. It can be used as foaming agent, high foaming polyethylene, polystyrene, with butane foaming agent with very good effect. Moreover, plastic foam products surface by molecular distillation monoglyceride is very smooth and bright, no shrinkage phenomenon.

Distilled monoglyceride is in excellent lubricant, can reduce the friction between the polymer molecules, thereby reducing the viscosity of polymer melt and improve its fluidity. It has good compatibility with resin, easy dispersion, suitable transparent products etc.. The antistatic effect is very significant, can reduce the formation and accumulation of electrostatic plastic products, plastic products to reduce dust adsorption, keep product transparency and surface clean and beautiful.


2) Two, anti-static epe:

Widely used in car seat, pillow, electronic appliances, instrumentation, computer, acoustics, medical equipment, industrial chassis, metal lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, household appliances, furniture, furniture, spraying liquor and resin and other high-end fragile gift packaging, hardware, toys, shoes, and packaging, daily necessities etc. a variety of products, packaging, packaging and delivery. Adding color anti-static agent and flame retardant, the more their outstanding performance. Not only beautiful appearance, but also effectively prevent electrostatic and burning.

EPE various adhesive products and fabrics is good in various vehicles and indoor decoration materials. EPE foam composite products and aluminum or aluminum film has excellent anti infrared ultraviolet, is the cold storage of chemical equipment and camping equipment will be used for auto shading supplies. The tubes are widely used in air conditioning, baby stroller, children's toys, furniture, plumbing and ventilation etc..

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