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Distilled monoglycerides application in food areas:
1 Beverage stable thickener
Drinks on the application: distilled glycerol monostearate is added to fat or protein-containing beverages, such as soy milk, peanut milk, yogurt, milk, cocoa milk, almond milk, soy milk, grain, etc., can significantly improve the solubility and stability, prevent precipitation, separation, and prolong shelf life. Common colloidal stabilizer, thickener, at high temperatures prone to cause molecular degradation influences the effect of homogenizing the beverage. The distilled glycerol monostearate can withstand high temperatures, may be suitable for homogenizing pressure, emulsifying better. Distilled glycerol monostearate is also used in the production of emulsified flavor beverages.
2 edible oils and fats, dairy emulsion stabilizer: edible oils and fats, dairy products on the application:
Margarine, shortening, peanut butter, mayonnaise, salad dressing, oyster sauce and other products, will need to add distilled glycerol monostearate as an emulsifier and stabilizer, 3 ~ 5 ‰ added to adjust the fat crystallization, prevent water separation, delamination occurs, improving the quality of manufactured products. Not because of excessive concentration of water molecules, thus generating heat pounding splash phenomenon when heated. Can improve the meal with butter spreadability, eliminate hot weather appears leakages. It can be used as cooking oil crystallization inhibitors. Condensed milk, malted milk, cheese, whole milk powder, instant milk products, which is distilled glyceryl monostearate emulsifier and penetrant good, rapid dissolution can be improved to prevent sedimentation, caking agglomeration, improve product quality . Oil products such as coffee mate powder, distilled glycerol monostearate is the main emulsifier.
3 ice cream emulsion stabilizer, the application of ice cream on:
Distilled glycerol monostearate is to produce the best quality ice cream emulsifier. After adding the components make the ice cream mix, smooth and delicate tissue, expanded moderately, when good taste in the mouth, to avoid the formation of ice crystals, improve shape retention and storage stability. Glyceryl monostearate and distilled sodium alginate, pectin equated with, the better. Distilled glycerol monostearate added amount of ice cream on the total weight of raw materials 0.5%.
4 cake foaming agent:
Applications on the cake: a distillation contract emulsifier glycerol monostearate and sucrose esters, propylene glycol, etc., can be used for cake foaming agent. Distilled glycerol monostearate can promote protein foaming, in the production of cake to form a "protein - monoglyceride" complex, effectively help bubbling cake disturb produce stable bubble membrane, thereby producing a stable fine bubbles, significantly increased the volume of pastries.
5 bread improver:
 Application of bread on: distilled glycerol monostearate is the production of high-quality bread improvers and emulsifiers important, the raw material used in conjunction with other amendments, can promote the rapid fermentation of bread, dough improving organizational structure, to extend the shelf life of bread.
6biscuits improver
Add flour, 0.5% of glycerol monostearate distilled, in order to make the oil in an emulsified state uniformly dispersed in the biscuit, to improve performance, improvement of biscuits, cookies structure to prevent oil leakage, improve the bread products crispness. Cookies also enable easy release in the production process, a clear pattern, not broken when storage and transportation.
7 flour products improver:
Rice products on the application: Distillation glyceryl monostearate, lecithin, sodium alginate, etc. in combination, can increase the tightness of dough and noodles significantly improved flexibility when boiling pasta products is not easy to slough, reduce cooking turbid water, eating good taste. Instant noodles, instant noodles and so the addition of distilled glycerol monostearate, can promote water wetting and penetration, convenience food. Add rice products distilled glyceryl monostearate, make good water conductivity, increased flexibility and rice whiteness, improved palatability.
8candy, chocolate Plasticizer:
Distilled glyceryl monostearate for emulsification and plasticizers, added 0.5% to prevent butterscotch, toffee produce oil separation, candy improve moisture resistance, reducing the deformation and prevent sticker sticky teeth, to improve the taste. Added 2 ~ 5 ‰ distilled glycerol monostearate to prevent sugar crystallization and separation of oil, to prevent the surface of the chocolate frosting, chocolate improve brittle, chocolate fat crystallization can be suppressed to prevent moisture and heat the chocolate to soften the impact of taste, so taste is more delicate. Distilled glycerol monostearate is a good plasticizer gum, isolation prevents polyvinyl acetate ester gum, giving the gum, bubble gum better flexibility and plasticity, better chewing taste, change extending capacity. About 10% of the gum base. Inflatable agents do aerated candy.
9spicy puffed food emulsion modifier:
Add distilled spicy puffed food glyceryl stearate, can effectively control the organization puffed flour products, pasta making changes to improve performance, improve product expansion, and uniform pores, delaying hardening.
10 potato products conditioner:
Add distilled glyceryl monostearate in potato products, to ensure a high degree of uniformity, reduced adhesion, improve texture and easier to produce.
10 Sucrose Emulsifier:
Sugar industry by distillation and glycerin monostearate emulsifier can promote the crystallization of sucrose, sucrose improve the yield, reduce the amount of molasses.
11 Yeast protective agent:
Edible yeast in the process, to protect the cell activity, add distilled glycerol monostearate as protective agents.
12 Food defoamers:
Distilled glycerol monostearate has defoaming action in soy products can be processed for use defoamers, tofu products and make good water retention, increased yield. Reduce and inhibit the formation of foam in a variety of food products in the production process.
13 Meat starch modifier;
On the application of meat products: in the production of sausages, luncheon meat, meatballs, fish, meat and other meat products, often need to add the right amount of starch as filler. After adding distilled glycerol monostearate, plus retrogradated prevented, aging, improve palatability. Meanwhile, the emulsification was distilled glycerol monostearate, fatty allows better dispersion of raw materials, combined with a solid water, starch, inhibited syneresis, hardening or shrinkage.

Molecular distilled monoglycerides as a safe, effective and stable emulsifier, now more and more applications in various fields!
Molecular distilled monoglycerides to use and dosage:
Method One: Because the molecular distillation monoglycerides soluble in oil, the molecular distillation monoglycerides ester after mixing together with melted fat, and then feeding, this method is applicable to margarine, cakes oil products. For the purpose of emulsification molecular distilled monoglycerides blended in the oil phase, therefore, emulsifiers anhydrous state as well.
Method 2: Molecular distilled monoglycerides powder and other raw material powder (such as flour, milk powder) directly mixed feeding, then made into a variety of products according to the law.
Method three: forming hydrates, and then feed use, follow these steps:
1. A portion of the molecular distilled monoglycerides placed in a container, an electric furnace or other heating methods to molecular distillation monoglycerides heat melted liquid;
2. The inner parts of hot water about 70 ℃ 4-5 to join the high-speed blender or hand mixer, start the mixer, the hot intense agitation.
3. The melted liquid molecular distillation monoglycerides (if good stirring device, can also be added directly to the beads or powder monoglyceride), are slowly added to the stirred hot water whipped mix, which can generate cream hydrates paste, cooled to room temperature and set aside.
Since the emulsifying effect of impact equipment, process materials, and many other factors, in order to more fully play molecular distillation monoglycerides role recommended to use three methods to use, the emulsifying effect is most ideal. This is because the molecular distillation monoglycerides made after hydrate crystal surface spray than a single molecular distillation monoglycerides powder surface is about 700 times bigger, is conducive to molecular distillation monoglycerides dispersed in an aqueous medium.
Dosage: The amount of 0.3% to 0.5% (by weight of the product formulation raw materials), if oil products, proteins and other ingredients are more easily emulsified or containing materials, you should increase the amount of molecular distillation monoglycerides to 1% -5% .

•    Ice Cream
  Promote Milk Fat Emulsification
  Improve Texture & Overrun
  Avoid ice crystal
  Improve volume                             
  Improved Volume
  Shelf Life extension
  Foam stabilizer
  Finer crumb Structure
  Improve texture

  Dough Conditioning
  Finer crumb structure
  Fat emulsification
  Increased Volume
  Shelf life extension
  Finer crumb structure
  Crispy
  Control Oil Separation
  Mold release easier
Candies & chocolate
  Control Oil Separation
  Moisture Resistance
  Improve Texture
  Reduce Viscosity
Chewing Gum
  Improve plasticity
  Improve Softness
  aerating agent in inflatable candy or gum

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