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Our Innovation Platforms

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Our Innovation Platforms

Cardlo offers the broadest range of technology-based ingredients, flavours and functional ingredients in the industry. The scale and breadth of our technology-based product portfolio allow us to bring our customers a competitive advantage through world-class solutions.Our technologies are aligned around Taste Systems, Beverage,Nutrition Systems and Functional Ingredients & Actives, giving us unique capability from which to innovate and problem solve.

Cardlo focuses on four primary areas of innovation: Taste, Nutrition, Value and


Dairy & Savoury

Taste & Beverage

We take a holistic approach to the development of taste which combined with all our taste technologies and texture solutions, making us uniquely qualified to help customers develop integrated solutions that deliver against consumers’ requirements for taste.

·         Globally for taste and ingredients solutions

·         Food and beverage focused

·         Leading sensory, applications and culinary expertise

·         Top 10player in global flavors




Cardlo has a strong foundation of food and biological science upon which to develop solutions that meet consumers’ needs for both nutrition and taste. Our technologies combined with our food and beverage applications expertise allows us to deliver desired nutritional components and benefits while also delivering good taste, process efficiencies and convenient delivery systems.

·         Leading portfolio of General Wellness & Enabling Technologies, Nutritional Ingredients & Actives and Nutrition Delivery Systems

·         Undisputed food and dairy heritage

·         In-depth understanding of biological sciences

·         World-class applications expertise



Convenience continues to be a major driver of consumer purchase decisions. With consumers’ busy lifestyles and multiple competing priorities, we can help customers meet consumer needs through the delivery of foods and beverages in convenient formats.

·         Speed to market delivered through structured innovation and technology breadth and depth

·         Broad processing and packaging capability

·         Ability to meet consumer demand for convenience such as portability, easy preparation & clean up



Value is a key driver of food or beverage consumption trends. It can be improved and presented by way of optimizing a recipe, extending the shelf life of an item or minimizing waste. The breadth and depth of cardlo’s capabilities combined with the global nature of our business enable us to deliver value to our customers in a number ways.

·         Robust solutions portfolio for shelf-life extension

·         Unique technology and processing solutions to minimal waste

·         Holistic supply chain management

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