Mono and Diglycerides GMS40 is a high quality and efficiency food emulsifier, there are widely used in medicine, household chemicals, plastics, packaging and cosmetics industry, especially in the plastics industry, can be used as a release agent, plasticizers, antistatic agents, but also particularly suitable for plastic foam products, such as EPE FOAM anti-shrinkage, GMS40 in PVC products production as an internal lubricant etc.

In the application of the plastics industry

(1)Antistatic: Migration in the plastic resin fast, efficient long time, can reduce the surface resistance is reduced and the formation of static electricity build-up, it has a fast absorption features long-lasting anti-static dust reduction, as plastics antistatic agents, dusting agents .

(2)Anti-fog, Anti-trickle agents: excellent surface activity, plastic resin film surface manipulation easy to wet, transparent, dew condensation in the air can flow along the membrane, so having a good sealing and printability, transparency advantageous light, it can be used as a long-term anti-fog agent trickle agent.

(3) Lubricants: good fats, Compatibility with the resin molecules, reducing intermolecular friction, reduce melt viscosity, shorten the production cycle, high yield, as internal and external lubricants, mold release agents. Such as: PVC pipe lubricant.

(4) Anti-shrinkage: excellent emulsification: together with the foaming agent, make a uniform fine foam structure, reducing the bubble contraction, especially against the shrinking capacity of low winter temperatures, the product so that light cleaning smooth save raw materials, anti-shrinkage agents as an auxiliary blowing agent. Such as: There are widely used in the EPE EPE FOAM.

(5) A plasticizer, modifier: resin compatibility, can penetrate the resin molecules, increase flexibility, improve melting and injection molding, and therefore can be used as a plasticizer, modifier.

(6) Food Plastic Packing:GMS40 made from natural  oil as raw material, odorless and tasteless, according to the production of food additives, and therefore safe, non-toxic, can be added to plastics in food packaging




    White to off-white waxy flakes or powder

National standards(GB1986-2007)


our product specifications


Content of Monoglycerides(%)



Acid value(As KOH mg/g)



Free glycerol(g/100g)



Arsenic (As,mg/g)








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