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Chemical name: (Z) -13-docosenamide, (Z) -13-Docosenamide Alias: Opening agent, slip agent Other similar foreign trade names: AtmerSA1753. Armoslip Exp. Kemamide E / EZ. Crodamide E / ER Chemical formula: CH3 (CH2) 7CH = CH (CH2) 11CONH2, molecular formula: C22H43NO CAS NO: 112-84-5

This product is a waxy, odorless solid with a long carbon chain and polar amide group in the molecular structure, giving it exceptional surface activity and good heat stability for higher processing temperatures and longer lasting The slippery and better anti-sticking effect. Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ethyl ether, acetone and xylene and other solvents, flash point: about 230 , and environmental non-toxic products (through non-toxic testing), allowed to be used in food containers and food packaging materials (GB9685- 2008), this product has passed SGS green testing, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives.

Specification Date

Appearance                      Small granular or powder

Melting point                     79-83

Total amide content,              ≥98%

Of which: C22: 1 amide      ≥88

Chroma,Hazen                   ≤15

Acid value,mgKOH / g            ≤0.5

Iodine value, gI2 / 100g           72-77

Moisture,%                      ≤0.1


  1, can be used as PP, CPP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC, PVDF, PVDC, PU and other films, and multi-layer coextrusion film, high transmittance of plastic sheeting, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and metallocene polyethylene Such as the slip agent and the opening agent, can significantly reduce the surface of the product (film or sheet) dynamic and static friction coefficient to improve ease of processing and packaging operations efficiency;

  2, In the ink from the role of slippery, anti-sticking and anti-fouling, delay the settlement of pigments and fillers, to help redisperse, increase print wear resistance, scratch resistance, surface smoothness, especially to improve its smoothness And the chromatic printing anti-sticking;

  3, Add this product to rubber (SBE, SBP, SBR, PP) to improve the luster, anti-fouling and elongation of rubber products, enhance vulcanization accelerating and abrasion resistance, especially to prevent sun-cracking ;

  4, can be used as a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE, TEO, TPU) and fluorine rubber release agent and surface smoothing and brightener, engineering plastics lubricants and release agents, LDPE calendered artificial leather lubricants, fiber materials, Non-woven and entertainment chips slippery agent, and PA high wear-resistant materials (gears, shaft seal sleeve, skateboard, etc.) slip agent and ABS graphite fiber modified lubricant lubricant can be used as an effective anti- Adhesion hot melt adhesive.


Packaging Sizes

Bags, 20kg

Storage and Handling

Storage Conditions: the product should be stored in ventilated, clean, dry place, not with toxic, hazardous and corrosive and other substances exist.



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