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Chemical name: (Z) -9-octadecenoic acid amide (Z-9-Octadecenamide), oleamide Alias: efficient slip agent CAS NO: 301-02-0

Specification Date

Appearance                        Small granular or powder

Melting point                       72-75

Total amide content,                 ≥98.0%

Of which: C18: 1 amide              ≥70(%)

C18: 2 amide                        ≤12(%)

Acid value, mgKOH / g               ≤0.5

Iodine value, gI2 / 100g              82-88

Color, Hazen                        ≤ 150

Moisture,%                         ≤0.1



1 can be used for food containers, all kinds of packaging film, agricultural film, liquid (milk, milk) packaging film, shopping bags (film)

Degradable film, fruit net cover (expanded polyethylene), PP corrugated foam film, vapor permeable (water) film and other films or sheets, isolation film, etc., can rapidly reduce the dynamic and static friction coefficient of the surface of the film 0.2), improve workability (high fluidity, low energy consumption, eliminate bubbles, etc.), to solve the high-speed processing or automation, high-speed packing operation due to friction caused by electrostatic hazards, effectively prevent the film adhesion, improve product Smooth feel and surface smoothness;

2. Can be used as a plastic table printing ink additives, improve the smooth feel of ink, scratch resistance, anti-stickiness and dispersion;

3. In the polyethylene thermoplastic powder coating add this product can significantly improve the fluidity and slippery powder coating;

4 can be used as a coating lubricant and HT aluminum TH coating dispersion stabilizer, brightener, and metal corrosion inhibitor;

5 can be used as PE, PP, EVA, GPPS, PE resin or plastic lubricant, slip agent, anti-scrape agent and anti-caking


6. Can be used as a variety of sealing materials (gaskets, gaskets) additives, and Master batch bright smooth agent.

Packaging Sizes

Bags, 20kg

Storage and Handling

Storage Conditions: the product should be stored in ventilated, clean, dry place, not with toxic, hazardous and corrosive and other substances exist.

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